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Mr Davies’s Rounding Rap – Lyrics

Underline that number don’t be afraid

Look to the right don’t be no slave

If it’s zero one two, three or four

Smash that number down to the floor!

5, 6, 7, 8 don’t forget 9 he don’t like to wait!

Raise that number don’t hesitate!


Rap 1 – Doubling and Halving

If you want to be a partition magician,

Just listen to the partition rap!

Next you double the numbers but just don’t forget to turn it into rubble.

All you need to add the lads and dont get Mad! Mad!

Then all you need to do is Check! Check! Check And Say BOO!!!!!


Rap 2 – Multiplication and Division 10, 100, 1000

Yeah yeah yeah yeah timesing easy and peasy Man!!!!   And dividing is so

If your timesing by 10, 100, 1000 you move all the invisible zeros to the left

If you’re dividing by 10, 100, 1000 you move all the zeros to the right

Then find your answer!!

You see I told you is so easy and peasy


Rap 3 – Round and Ordering Decimals 

When your lining up your numbers don’t be a slumber,   lif you don’t get it right call it a night ,just joking check the numbers twice check the units, tens, hundreds, thousands maybe more if you wanna become better 

Ahh tell the teacher if you don’t understand 

Increase decrease there all the same come on. You need to fight to rap. You need to times divide take away add don’t be a fool. Don’t be a cucumber or lumber. If you copy others just ch ch ch ch sh sh sh ch sh use number to rumber slumber it rhymes


Rap 4 – Subtraction and Addition

When your doing addition your on a big mition, when your doing subtraction your getting so much attraction.

 Write numbers out from tens to units make sure your digits are in a box.   Remember to carry your fox,fox,fox.

On December you better remember to leave a space between the number and the line and you’ll be feeling real just fine. Do your calculation not your multiplication.

Remember remember if the number is more than ten make sure you carry the ten to the next colom  and you’ll be dancing in one big holom. Check your ansure and you’ll be a dancer.