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Breking news! The  Eletric  monster strikes agian.But the  police  found  a   foot   print. It wieht  is 1,oooooo pounds and  it destrod  enything in its path. It hight  is 9889 cm tall. The letric  Monster snapt the London bridge in half  dinmonish the  hole city. The people was shoked and terrified  and say  it’s a deuaster also there scared.


Big foot troll on the loose

Can you believe  that there is a big foot  troll on the loose? The foot print that i saw it was gigantic that means we are looking for an enormous person maybe as  tall as a sky scraper .

the big foot

who do you think made these footprints? I think it was a giant or it could of been big foot we need to find out who made these footprints or we all might be crushed by him or her if you know then fill in this question befor it’s to late.

why invade?

We don’t now why this invasion happened so i want you to get some idea’s why this happened. Try search the web to get some ideas, or maybe a book. i don’t know, anyway your choose. see you later

deadly dinasouars

Its very deadly I think its a prank I also think the dinasours favourite game is who can eat the most people in a day. Or maybe he will like who can jump of the top of the buildings and defeating all the superheroes.