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barnaby shcool report

Dear Alister way is he not good at maths .dad is to bizzy sotting yor klous .for school. and yor frens are nice to you . frens have no hans ar fety .and he is vere good at his rening I am good with my books and he isa floting boy  and he is mabe by a blon . he is vere not good athanbring. and he isnot good at fre. I fink thnk he is vere good . flloting bot he is not vere good atkliming.

miss hooperman hall

The Academy of Unwanted Children

He’s doing tribal because he is spending more time on the ceiling then on the floor.

He is doing well at PE because he doesn’t have to jump in the air also he’s already flouting in the air.

Barnaby is finding hard maths because he can’t even count to ten.

Barnaby has been getting in a lot of fight’s and I am thinking that we might send him to another school.