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Post card home

Dear mum , dad

this is barniby why did you cut my bag I floated  up to a big air balloon and I met some friends Ethel and margarine and we floated to Brazil and we played hide and seek and we played it then we went to the FA cup and I saw Neymar I really miss my sister because every time I get bullied at school she is the onewho stuck up for me. And I miss. You and dad because you and dad look after me since I was a baby and I won’t to go home I will tell you when the game has finished  bye from barniby. I fell very upset   because you cut my bag and how did you cut it now I got to go bye.

Post card home

Dear mum and dad

I saw  Mum slash my bag  when I was looking at the sky  so I’m going to give you some question at the end Also  I found some new friend  and they live in a coffee farm  Ethel and Marjorie  they live in  Brazil  and they all was looking after me  make comfortable and they are more better than you .


p.s Do you love me ? Do you want me back ? Do you care about me?



Postcard to Barnaby’s parents

Dear mum and dad
Do you still love me? I love you so so so so so so much
Why did you cut my bag open? I floated all the way to Brazil when you cut the bottom of the bag I bumped into a air ballon and I met two people they are two ladies and there name is Ethan and margarine and I loved to talk to them and I didn’t like it when you cut my bag open do you still miss me? We’ll just to tell you I miss you more then anything I hope you miss me because everyday I keep on crying for you so I really want you to come back because I’m really sad so please I’m begging you to come Bach I’m really upset because you cut the bottom of my bag how is everything doing at home? Have you met any new people since I have gone.

I hope that when I come back I can meet some new people or maybe I could meet some of your new friends I’ve met loads and loads of people.


From Barnaby to mum and dad


I’m in brazil and there’s lots of friends I have, but I want you two to come and live here for a while just for like a month or two please, please,please.I miss you nothing will stop me from loving you not even a beautiful girl nothing will stop me!i hope you like give me something like money because I’m almost out of money I’m begging I’m on my knees right now please. 🙁 All I see out the window is people eating saying mmmmmmm the food is nice and I ant to be out there and I don’t have enough money to buy stuff like that all I can buy is sweets but that won’t make me healthy it would make my unhealthy and make me have diabetes.

Like I said can you two please come over and visit please?

Postcard home

Dear Mum and Dad why did you cut my string? I feel like I’ve been betrayed by my own flesh and blood. Do you still love me do you want me back did you ever love me because I’m different and I’m having a bombing time in rio de you from barneyby.