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Good evening,brocket family.

So, let’s get to the point about how your son is doing in maths, science, English, geography and, yeah so let’s get to it!

your son is doing we’ll at maths using multiplication addition but he finds it hard doing the bus stop and times table so when I ask him in a furious way (EHERM!) I mean in a nice calmed way he says, my mAMA told me not to waste my time she said spend your time with a back pack on my back!

I warned him not to keep your back pack on or else……. Your going to the naughty corner!! 🙁 then he goes crying, with his back back on!! Oh oh oh oh I’m sorry please come back I got more information I will stop shouting please!

ok he’s doing well at maths…… What the? You not listening ? Ok go away I don’t even want to tell you more ba bye see you later knuckle heads!! Hahahahhaha!!