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Dear mum and dad
Do you still love me? I love you so so so so so so much
Why did you cut my bag open? I floated all the way to Brazil when you cut the bottom of the bag I bumped into a air ballon and I met two people they are two ladies and there name is Ethan and margarine and I loved to talk to them and I didn’t like it when you cut my bag open do you still miss me? We’ll just to tell you I miss you more then anything I hope you miss me because everyday I keep on crying for you so I really want you to come back because I’m really sad so please I’m begging you to come Bach I’m really upset because you cut the bottom of my bag how is everything doing at home? Have you met any new people since I have gone.

I hope that when I come back I can meet some new people or maybe I could meet some of your new friends I’ve met loads and loads of people.