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Inside the wolf

Inside wolfredds  stomach grandad grey found lots of  things (that wolfredd shouldn’t eat)

Grandad Grey found………..

He found bricks, chicken, bones, a friend, stickers and he used those materials to build a shelter  he found sand and some some soil and he heated them up and it made a mirror and he put that in his bathroom and he made to beds for him and his friend. The next day he hunted for some diamond o make a diamond sword to break out and be free so him and his friend went hunting.1 hour later…. He saw a twinkle so Grandad Grey and his friend ran over to it and they found four daimonds


Wilfredd’s favourite  food is……..

his favourite food is lasagne, vegetable’s, spicy chicken and some lovely juicy fruits!

Earlier this year ,Wilfredd was in the newspaper because…….

3 days ago Wilfredd has been capturing lots of villains lately and they have asked him to catch another super villain that is on the loose, broken out of jail, he used plastic explosions to blow all the cell room doors and now all the villains are attacking and making people slaves and the beg for Wilfredd’s help!

This year Wilfredd is going on holiday to….



From Barnaby to mum and dad


I’m in brazil and there’s lots of friends I have, but I want you two to come and live here for a while just for like a month or two please, please,please.I miss you nothing will stop me from loving you not even a beautiful girl nothing will stop me!i hope you like give me something like money because I’m almost out of money I’m begging I’m on my knees right now please. 🙁 All I see out the window is people eating saying mmmmmmm the food is nice and I ant to be out there and I don’t have enough money to buy stuff like that all I can buy is sweets but that won’t make me healthy it would make my unhealthy and make me have diabetes.

Like I said can you two please come over and visit please?


Good evening,brocket family.

So, let’s get to the point about how your son is doing in maths, science, English, geography and, yeah so let’s get to it!

your son is doing we’ll at maths using multiplication addition but he finds it hard doing the bus stop and times table so when I ask him in a furious way (EHERM!) I mean in a nice calmed way he says, my mAMA told me not to waste my time she said spend your time with a back pack on my back!

I warned him not to keep your back pack on or else……. Your going to the naughty corner!! 🙁 then he goes crying, with his back back on!! Oh oh oh oh I’m sorry please come back I got more information I will stop shouting please!

ok he’s doing well at maths…… What the? You not listening ? Ok go away I don’t even want to tell you more ba bye see you later knuckle heads!! Hahahahhaha!!

The crazy monster is on the loose!!!!!

Breaking news!there has been a terrified foot prince That has been destroying the city you better watch out if he comes!he comes in night!the creature came for food and to take some humans to a party on another planet,also he’s protecting you from the other monsters so you can be staying.

these people I just met were amazed!!they said that i’le will me a famous magician

,but don’t worry I know his weakness.

I am sure that you won’t get scared straight away you because he is little then 1 hour later boom his head strikes into the air!!You will be freitend