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pen portrait wilfredd wolf

l.Roast chicken with ketchop on top. Roast deer and Roast goat. Crisp which is rice flavour and he likes to eat knickers and when there hot and burning.
2.three boy saved a grey fritning wolf its name is wilfredd and the reason they saved he is because the three boys got use to the wolf and the wolf begged for food some boys said No! AND SOME SAID YES! and ifI WAS THE THREE BOYS I would say No! and that was an example and if you see that begging wolf call: 077077689576
3.If wolfredd went on holiday he might go pairs or brasil I am not sure where he is going

the wolverine

iron  moster  war

desbicable  gaint  beast

sad  depressed  moster

changible  rusty  splinter

frightened  unusual   anxious

for  the   x-mex  hes name  is  wolverine