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pen Portrate of Willfredd Wolf (not a type-o)

1.willfredd’s favourite food is French frie and meat and sugar because most people like this so, why not him.

2.willfredd wolf was in the newspaper because a little boy saved him from extinction.

3.willfredd wolf want to go on holiday to a abandoned super market so he can eat all he wants without being seen.

4.willfredds secret is that he ate grandpa grey because he said he knows him and they like bones and meat.

why invade?

We don’t now why this invasion happened so i want you to get some idea’s why this happened. Try search the web to get some ideas, or maybe a book. i don’t know, anyway your choose. see you later

suggests of what he also mite be

gaint steel robot, v2.5 iron man. it is hard to find evidence that’s its big foot and is usally a black bear.or even all animals. big foot is a tall tale. the big shadow was a normal hand shadow . the knocked down buildings was an earth kake.