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Inside the wolf

Inside the wolf’s stomach was shelter for Grandad Grey to sleep, a bottle of juice and 5000000000000000000000000 piece of chicken for him to eat. There was a massive piece of wood for the roof of the shelter. He slept for days and finally he woke up and tried to escape.

School report

Dear Mr and Mrs Brocket,

The standards of Barnaby’s behaviour is proper rude. He always starts trouble and gives people wedgies! That is completely rude and unacceptable. He barely knows what 1+1 is. It is making us a disgrace. The majesty has a meeting with me       and if I mess this up, are scholarship will be snatched away from us and we will be banned forever.

From Mrs Hooperman Hall

Tanker poem

He froze into ice


Turns into a monster


Is very stupid


Is probably very rare


Is a obvious weirdo



Electric monster on the loose

Breaking news! The electric monster strikes again. No worries. The polies have found cut outs. Who do you think is this mythical creature is snooping round?He has been mashing buildings all over the world.