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Pen portrait Wilfredds wolf

Wilfredds favourite food is chicken rice and pease because grandpa mad it for him when he was feeling very sad and alone and .he does not like beans because they make him fart  and it doesn’t smell nice he loves Jamaican food because his uncle mad it when he was 2 years old and he still likes it now he just ant get the taste out of his mouth


school report

Hello this is miss hooper-man hall and I  am writing to tell you about your son  he is a very  unintelligent child but if he keeps trying to learn maybe he will get far but for now he’s going to have to work on his levels.there is one thing that no one can beat him at it is flying he is the best at floating and flying  but one thing I’m curios about he is never bringing his games/p.e/swimming kit but he always has a big bag  on when he comes to school.

The terrifying big foot on the loose

Do you want to find out more about this terryfieng  big foot? There is a reward  of  1,OOO pounds for whoever finds the terrible beast who made these prints. Eye witnesses describe the beast as a towering brown hairy monster with razor sharp claws who kills anything or anyone that gets in its way.the people were feeling very very scared they thought they were going to get eaten  but at the same time they were thinking about the money they were going to get they said to them selves that they don’t want to die so what they did was go very far away and threw spears.