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pen portrait wilfredd wolf

1.wilfredd  favorite  food is . 

vegatables , chicken and  toamato soup.  Pork, deer, cupcake or letuce. He like’s coliflower  brocli, crisp . He will really very like bake bean’s soup. He like all candes of soup.

2. Earlier this year, wilfredd was in the newspaper because…

Three  boys saved him because there were his only hope and he was about to die. So he really  need did them

Tanka tanka

terrfied rusty

unbreakable salty sad

crazy slowly huge

cold mental confued giant

happy fire explodes dumb

the hulk who destroy everthing best wars 1

I think it is hulk because bruce  when he is angry he turns  into  the  hulk   because  he has  big musel   and he  can jump  very high   and   when  he  is  running  he  run’s  very fast .Faster  than  train  or  a   tube  hulk   is  the  strongest  mon