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Granddad Gray

(Granddad Gray got eaten by wilfredd) “ahhhhhhhh” granddad Gray said. (Granddad Gray gets to the bottom) “where am I say grandad gray it seems like a in side of a wolfs belly” granddad Gray begins to walk and he finds a human bone and he put it in his pocket then he finds gold and he found paper luckily grandad Gray is creative so he made a paper sword he Carey’s on walking and he saw wood and he was good at building a shelter so builed on. When he was finished he went too bed (it begins to be morning) then he sees a big family of people and he let them in his house


1 year later grandad gray dies because he was too old

Wilfredd’s favourite food is…

rice and chicken. Because when he was young his mum cooked it for him and he loved it.

he was about to die and so was his family. Because in the woods there are no animals for them to eat

this year wilfredd is going to…

The hospital because broke his paw by hunting animals and steped on a stick

a secret that wilfredd has…

is that he can trick people by making them give food



The big foot strikes again

Breaking news. The big foot has come to kill everyone and to play around with his stupid friend so you may come out your buildings because i recond  big foot will play footy with the building but you must have To get past his friends good luck with that then be carefully because him or his friend will get angry then brake every thing