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pen portrait

1.wilfredd’s favourite food is

Chicken with roast potato’s and pork cops because chicken will help your health.`

2.Earlier this year Wilfred was in the newspaper because

He was in the newspaper because he is the only wofl left

This year wilfredd is going on holiday to A Food fair!!! to eat Food enchted pie

A Secret which wilfredd has That he is going to be extint

pupil report

He is doing rubbish in maths because he is looking at other peoples work .

The subject he is good at is seicnce because he is good at his  chemicals .

He finds PE hard  because when he skips he skips he sometimes he trips on it .



Iron Giant Huge

Undestructcteble Robot

Unstoppable Force

A Giant Iron Goblin

Powerful Iron Monster

big foot attaks

A strange foot print was found in a room in an old factrey . in north asia at 3.00 in the morning.

At 6.00 in the morning