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pen portrait Wilfredd wolf


Wilfredd’s favourite food is chicken and a fat heary pig ,with gravy on the side.

Earlier this year Wilfedd was on the newspaper beacause he was caught by the police for punching a child and chewing his head off.

This year Wilfredd is going on holiday to…..

Wilfredds is going on holiday to the bermuda triangle to find mysterys things there are.

The Academy of Unwanted Children

He’s doing tribal because he is spending more time on the ceiling then on the floor.

He is doing well at PE because he doesn’t have to jump in the air also he’s already flouting in the air.

Barnaby is finding hard maths because he can’t even count to ten.

Barnaby has been getting in a lot of fight’s and I am thinking that we might send him to another school.

the mysterious creature on the loose

In the middle of the night there was a strange sound and it was supper loud. As the people woke up everyone went out to the street?

When everybody was out there was a lot of destruction when everybody look behind the monster was there?

Everybody ran and ran as fast as they can but the monster was to fast for them while the monster ran within came more and more destruction houses got nocked down and buildings.

Then at some point police men came and even the police men where scared to even shoot the monster.

Some people thought that the monster could take over the world.