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Granddad grey in Wilfredd belly

Grandad grey was in the wolf belly and saw ………….

He saw blue red and gold fishing rod , chicken and rice , gem ,vilotes friendon he was terrified  so was grandad grey

dear mr and mrs


To parent/carer

Barnaby behaviour is outstanding he always understand his work but the sad thing is he never takes off his bag and he never brings in his kit but his bag is always full I’m a bit curious. He always a helping hand he make lots of friends


Ironman tanker

The ugly giant

The ironman is stupid

he is clean clumy

Ugly lazy rare rusty

clumy rare shiny weirdo


Can you believe that there  is a happy big foot on the loose?what i saw on the paper was  the largest  foot print i have ever seen we are looking at a huge big foot.

He  look like a  hairy large beast but kind.

The reason the kind beast came to London because he’s family left him so he went to London to make new friends also he almost like one of us because he like playing video games and board games so treat him with respect  he’s kinder like us.

What he eats is amazing its like what we eat like chicken,cake,pizza,chip and lots more and if kind to him he won’t destroy  buildings .But if you make angry he will destroy buildings and people.