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Inside the wolf

Grandad grey went inside Wilfred’s tummy he found a key and a humongous door first I thought that the key wouldn’t fit inside the key hole then when I tried it went right in the key hole so i turned the key right to the other side the door was so stiff I had to do some excersise then I pulled it with my strongest strength then I opened the door then there was juice going everywhere so I had to jump up high I swim my fastest. he didn’t even know that we where out of out his tummy everything was coming out of his tummy and then he was so so so so so so so skinny he was so skinny that he looked like a twig and I was so scared that when he was out of his tummy I thought he was goingto come out and scream


Wilfreds favourite food is rice and peas and chicken he likes it because he likes the taste of the chicken and he really loves the bones.

Earlier this year, Wilfred was in the newspaper because
He might of done something good or he might of did something bad because he’s on the front page.

This year wilford is going on holiday to he’s going tobarbados because he likes the sun and he wants to get a tan and makes his face go brown.

A secret which Wilfred has is that no one knows that he can float in the air he has to carry a bag of sand on his band to keep him down.

Postcard to Barnaby’s parents

Dear mum and dad
Do you still love me? I love you so so so so so so much
Why did you cut my bag open? I floated all the way to Brazil when you cut the bottom of the bag I bumped into a air ballon and I met two people they are two ladies and there name is Ethan and margarine and I loved to talk to them and I didn’t like it when you cut my bag open do you still miss me? We’ll just to tell you I miss you more then anything I hope you miss me because everyday I keep on crying for you so I really want you to come back because I’m really sad so please I’m begging you to come Bach I’m really upset because you cut the bottom of my bag how is everything doing at home? Have you met any new people since I have gone.

I hope that when I come back I can meet some new people or maybe I could meet some of your new friends I’ve met loads and loads of people.


baby baraby floating

That I will use the floating baby to see if someone is trying to beat me up I will just tie the baby to the string and then I could see where that person is who’s trying to beat me up and if he’s beating up somebody from my family or one of my friends I could make him look for that person and when I tie him up and make him go in the sky and then I pull him down from the sky and he will pull me to that person and then if it’s a friend of mine I will join in.

Or if I’m in danger I could use the floating baby to do some karate and then they will want to fight me but I could beat them up because I could do some karate and boxing But! I don’t do baby boxing I do adult boxing


Iron man massive
He is stupid mad and strong
Metal ugly man
Fresh clean invisible and fat
Mr rare turns hot and fresh