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The big foot on the chase

Breaking news I have just this minute  seen a huge foot on the loose so you better Run because its a really big foot it will come and smash your house down so i know you are all scared its a very big monster so you really better run so you don’t get smashed to smithereens or we don’t know where he is so be very very very careful.

we have been told that its big its scary it will eat you so run   a shop if you see it or call all the emergency services if you see it  and then wait for all the services to come and tell them that its here

where were footprints found

they were found in sand on the beach. He wanted to swim in the sea. He might be thirsty and he might be here to get some fish

who is he

he is kind friendly monster who wants to make friends so ask him if he can talk he might nod his head

im a witness and the monster was playing spy’s with the people and he shrank to a normal person so everyone don’t know that he is a monster you can see that he is a monster by the way he looks