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Grandad in a wolf belly

Grandad grey got swollen by the wolf and he got sucked by the wolf and grandad grey saw all of his food and his armer in Wilfred belly and grandad grey saw all obstacles in Wilfred belly and he made a dan . The next day grandad grey went to the other side of his belly and he saw his toothpaste and a bone and he use the bones as the the toothbrush and brushed his gums because he don’t have any teeth the he saw some food. So grandad grey saw a bowl and picked up the food that he wanted . Then after he saw a lady the same age him and there had the same birthday. So went for a swam and there started to get along with the new person and said to himself that I am not alone in Wilfred belly because he met a Girl the same birthday and the same age as him . The next he tried to escape but his girlfriend know can get out I’ve tried with my friend and grandad grey said to his girlfriend that i am the greatest hunter alive .
The next day grandad grey helped his girlfriend to brake out and there stabbed a hole in his belly and there came out of his belly.

Account by SAAD

Society for Hoaxes, Unexplained Sightings & Happenings

Agent Name

 Agent Saad

 Date of Incident


 Place where incident has taken place

 sandwichmanna ( one star)

 Detailed Account of Happenings (minimum of 10 bullet points)


  • the door was glass 
  • it was transparent 
  • when i opend in the door i could see monsterers
  • it was foggy  
  •  it smelt like fish