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Wilfred DD

Wilfred’s favourite food is

rice chicken and pease because his mum and his dad cocked it for him when he was a little cub and every one in his family who had it.

earlier this year Wilfred went on holiday is

going to Brazil and he met Neymar and he step on his pour and he started to cry and he went to the hospital to get it fixed in place

wilfred was in the news paper because

he saved a old lady from getting robbed and the old lady told every one that a wolf save me from getting robed from a man thank you wolf

A secret which Wilfredd has
To trick people to give him food so there know were to go back on the path and he has the food for his wife and his little cubs.

pen portrait wilfredd wolf

1.wilfredd  favorite  food is . 

vegatables , chicken and  toamato soup.  Pork, deer, cupcake or letuce. He like’s coliflower  brocli, crisp . He will really very like bake bean’s soup. He like all candes of soup.

2. Earlier this year, wilfredd was in the newspaper because…

Three  boys saved him because there were his only hope and he was about to die. So he really  need did them

pen portrait wilfredd wolf

Wilfredd’s favourite food is

chikcen melted gravey and choped carttets bacon cake and coke drike

Earlier this year Wilfredd was in the newspaper because

he lide dat he lide about  his injares.

This year Wilfredd is going on holiday to

Get more food on holiday so he can get twis more food.


Wilfredd’s favourite  food is……..

his favourite food is lasagne, vegetable’s, spicy chicken and some lovely juicy fruits!

Earlier this year ,Wilfredd was in the newspaper because…….

3 days ago Wilfredd has been capturing lots of villains lately and they have asked him to catch another super villain that is on the loose, broken out of jail, he used plastic explosions to blow all the cell room doors and now all the villains are attacking and making people slaves and the beg for Wilfredd’s help!

This year Wilfredd is going on holiday to….



pen portrait

1.wilfredd’s favourite food is

Chicken with roast potato’s and pork cops because chicken will help your health.`

2.Earlier this year Wilfred was in the newspaper because

He was in the newspaper because he is the only wofl left

This year wilfredd is going on holiday to A Food fair!!! to eat Food enchted pie

A Secret which wilfredd has That he is going to be extint

pen Portrate of Willfredd Wolf (not a type-o)

1.willfredd’s favourite food is French frie and meat and sugar because most people like this so, why not him.

2.willfredd wolf was in the newspaper because a little boy saved him from extinction.

3.willfredd wolf want to go on holiday to a abandoned super market so he can eat all he wants without being seen.

4.willfredds secret is that he ate grandpa grey because he said he knows him and they like bones and meat.