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Inside the wolf

Inside wolfredds  stomach grandad grey found lots of  things (that wolfredd shouldn’t eat)

Grandad Grey found………..

He found bricks, chicken, bones, a friend, stickers and he used those materials to build a shelter  he found sand and some some soil and he heated them up and it made a mirror and he put that in his bathroom and he made to beds for him and his friend. The next day he hunted for some diamond o make a diamond sword to break out and be free so him and his friend went hunting.1 hour later…. He saw a twinkle so Grandad Grey and his friend ran over to it and they found four daimonds

Inside the wolf

Inside the wolf’s stomach was shelter for Grandad Grey to sleep, a bottle of juice and 5000000000000000000000000 piece of chicken for him to eat. There was a massive piece of wood for the roof of the shelter. He slept for days and finally he woke up and tried to escape.

Granddad grey in Wilfredd belly

Grandad grey was in the wolf belly and saw ………….

He saw blue red and gold fishing rod , chicken and rice , gem ,vilotes friendon he was terrified  so was grandad grey

Inside the wolf

Grandad grey went inside Wilfred’s tummy he found a key and a humongous door first I thought that the key wouldn’t fit inside the key hole then when I tried it went right in the key hole so i turned the key right to the other side the door was so stiff I had to do some excersise then I pulled it with my strongest strength then I opened the door then there was juice going everywhere so I had to jump up high I swim my fastest. he didn’t even know that we where out of out his tummy everything was coming out of his tummy and then he was so so so so so so so skinny he was so skinny that he looked like a twig and I was so scared that when he was out of his tummy I thought he was goingto come out and scream

Grandad in a wolf belly

Grandad grey got swollen by the wolf and he got sucked by the wolf and grandad grey saw all of his food and his armer in Wilfred belly and grandad grey saw all obstacles in Wilfred belly and he made a dan . The next day grandad grey went to the other side of his belly and he saw his toothpaste and a bone and he use the bones as the the toothbrush and brushed his gums because he don’t have any teeth the he saw some food. So grandad grey saw a bowl and picked up the food that he wanted . Then after he saw a lady the same age him and there had the same birthday. So went for a swam and there started to get along with the new person and said to himself that I am not alone in Wilfred belly because he met a Girl the same birthday and the same age as him . The next he tried to escape but his girlfriend know can get out I’ve tried with my friend and grandad grey said to his girlfriend that i am the greatest hunter alive .
The next day grandad grey helped his girlfriend to brake out and there stabbed a hole in his belly and there came out of his belly.

Granddad Gray

(Granddad Gray got eaten by wilfredd) “ahhhhhhhh” granddad Gray said. (Granddad Gray gets to the bottom) “where am I say grandad gray it seems like a in side of a wolfs belly” granddad Gray begins to walk and he finds a human bone and he put it in his pocket then he finds gold and he found paper luckily grandad Gray is creative so he made a paper sword he Carey’s on walking and he saw wood and he was good at building a shelter so builed on. When he was finished he went too bed (it begins to be morning) then he sees a big family of people and he let them in his house


1 year later grandad gray dies because he was too old

Inside the Wolf

Grandad grey got swolled by the horrible wolfreddit. was a terrifeing  moment for him he went side to side every way.But when the belly settled  he saw lots of  items like diamonds and crystals also other people.He talked to the other people he ask questions like how long have been here.

pen portrait Wilfredd wolf


Wilfredd’s favourite food is chicken and a fat heary pig ,with gravy on the side.

Earlier this year Wilfedd was on the newspaper beacause he was caught by the police for punching a child and chewing his head off.

This year Wilfredd is going on holiday to…..

Wilfredds is going on holiday to the bermuda triangle to find mysterys things there are.

Pen portrait Wilfredds wolf

Wilfredds favourite food is chicken rice and pease because grandpa mad it for him when he was feeling very sad and alone and .he does not like beans because they make him fart  and it doesn’t smell nice he loves Jamaican food because his uncle mad it when he was 2 years old and he still likes it now he just ant get the taste out of his mouth


Wilfredd’s favourite food is…

rice and chicken. Because when he was young his mum cooked it for him and he loved it.

he was about to die and so was his family. Because in the woods there are no animals for them to eat

this year wilfredd is going to…

The hospital because broke his paw by hunting animals and steped on a stick

a secret that wilfredd has…

is that he can trick people by making them give food




Wifredds favourite food is ….

He likes osteology and rice and peas because that was the first meal that her mummy coked for him and now he loves it so much and when eats his favourite food it reminds of his mum.

Earlier this year,Wilfred was in the newspaper because….

wilfed  because he stole chickens


Wilfreds favourite food is rice and peas and chicken he likes it because he likes the taste of the chicken and he really loves the bones.

Earlier this year, Wilfred was in the newspaper because
He might of done something good or he might of did something bad because he’s on the front page.

This year wilford is going on holiday to he’s going tobarbados because he likes the sun and he wants to get a tan and makes his face go brown.

A secret which Wilfred has is that no one knows that he can float in the air he has to carry a bag of sand on his band to keep him down.

Wilfred DD

Wilfred’s favourite food is

rice chicken and pease because his mum and his dad cocked it for him when he was a little cub and every one in his family who had it.

earlier this year Wilfred went on holiday is

going to Brazil and he met Neymar and he step on his pour and he started to cry and he went to the hospital to get it fixed in place

wilfred was in the news paper because

he saved a old lady from getting robbed and the old lady told every one that a wolf save me from getting robed from a man thank you wolf

A secret which Wilfredd has
To trick people to give him food so there know were to go back on the path and he has the food for his wife and his little cubs.

pen portrait wilfredd wolf

1.wilfredd  favorite  food is . 

vegatables , chicken and  toamato soup.  Pork, deer, cupcake or letuce. He like’s coliflower  brocli, crisp . He will really very like bake bean’s soup. He like all candes of soup.

2. Earlier this year, wilfredd was in the newspaper because…

Three  boys saved him because there were his only hope and he was about to die. So he really  need did them

pen portrait wilfredd wolf

Wilfredd’s favourite food is

chikcen melted gravey and choped carttets bacon cake and coke drike

Earlier this year Wilfredd was in the newspaper because

he lide dat he lide about  his injares.

This year Wilfredd is going on holiday to

Get more food on holiday so he can get twis more food.


Wilfredd’s favourite  food is……..

his favourite food is lasagne, vegetable’s, spicy chicken and some lovely juicy fruits!

Earlier this year ,Wilfredd was in the newspaper because…….

3 days ago Wilfredd has been capturing lots of villains lately and they have asked him to catch another super villain that is on the loose, broken out of jail, he used plastic explosions to blow all the cell room doors and now all the villains are attacking and making people slaves and the beg for Wilfredd’s help!

This year Wilfredd is going on holiday to….



pen portrait wilfredd wolf

l.Roast chicken with ketchop on top. Roast deer and Roast goat. Crisp which is rice flavour and he likes to eat knickers and when there hot and burning.
2.three boy saved a grey fritning wolf its name is wilfredd and the reason they saved he is because the three boys got use to the wolf and the wolf begged for food some boys said No! AND SOME SAID YES! and ifI WAS THE THREE BOYS I would say No! and that was an example and if you see that begging wolf call: 077077689576
3.If wolfredd went on holiday he might go pairs or brasil I am not sure where he is going

pen portrait

1.wilfredd’s favourite food is

Chicken with roast potato’s and pork cops because chicken will help your health.`

2.Earlier this year Wilfred was in the newspaper because

He was in the newspaper because he is the only wofl left

This year wilfredd is going on holiday to A Food fair!!! to eat Food enchted pie

A Secret which wilfredd has That he is going to be extint

pen Portrate of Willfredd Wolf (not a type-o)

1.willfredd’s favourite food is French frie and meat and sugar because most people like this so, why not him.

2.willfredd wolf was in the newspaper because a little boy saved him from extinction.

3.willfredd wolf want to go on holiday to a abandoned super market so he can eat all he wants without being seen.

4.willfredds secret is that he ate grandpa grey because he said he knows him and they like bones and meat.


kabij btataas rost terke bekon rabish cake rice cikin

he kab hrte peple so thay bant geth hrte. and the naspaper parer seid they on mar fiting.

he mite like spanish. food he mite go to span .